Solo Show at K+Y GALLERY

Face to face - Vernissage April 13, 2023

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11 june - 2 july, 2022

Leonhard's gallery
exhibition Belgium, 2022

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Explore Lidia's "Rostres/faces 2015-2020" new book


Listen to Lidia Masllorens comments on the screenpinting process and collaboration with Jordi Vilella.

See the full video.

Screen printing collaboration between Lídia Masllorens and Jordi Vilella, 2022. See the full video at vimeo.

Lidia Masllorens collaboration with women’s label [Annother Archive]. See the full video.


I'm Lídia Masllorens. I studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and specialized in painting. I’ve always painted, it’s the passion of my life. I also trained in photography, engraving and large format sculpture.

the artist's trial

Exploration is the first step.
Essential in order to create.
Exploration on a blank piece of paper:
imagining in all directions, asking, wondering.
Looking for new effects.
And accepting the fears, the mistakes, the limitations.