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Lídia Masllorens, Faces | Faces (2015-2020).
Editorial Gavarres: Cassà de la Selva, 2021.
ISBN: 978-84-123383-3-1

This volume shows five years of painting, five years of work experimenting with faces, mouths, eyes, and hair in a blurred figuration that allows us to imagine hidden realities and reinterpret the piece.

The Lluc Queralt photos and Pitu Basart catalan text, translated to english, bring us closer to the artist’s working space and day-to-day life, and also open a window to immerse ouerselves in the creative process and the content of the artwork.

The book has 240 pages and a size of 24x34 cm. It has been printed with UV LED technology by @nexeimpressions. And it has been hardcovered, leaving the thread in plain sight in Switzerland style.

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Girona: Llibreria Geli, Llibreria 22, Llibreria Les Voltes, Llibreria Empúries



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