Anna Cler interviews Lídia Masllorens live on La2 Catalunya’s ‘Noms propis’ program.

You can watch the interview on the "La2 a la carte" portal

What the tv show says..

"The painter explains how her work has evolved and other stories that will help us understand her journey.

Lídia Masllorens is in love with faces, which is why her painting is full of faces and large format. She says she paints from photos she takes herself, because one of her other passions is photography. But the most surprising thing is that the tools he uses to paint are not the most common. Use brooms, rags or cloths, recycled paper or black acrylic paint.

Her work has evolved into the most intimate, face-to-face emotions. This process has been seen in the different exhibitions and fairs both in Spain and in the rest of Europe and the United States.

Masllorens is a different painter who, before dedicating herself professionally, became a teacher. He will tell us what his journey has been and other stories from his life that will help us get to know the character better."